M&E Thursday Talks – Top 10 Tips for Organizational M&E Capacity Development

This is the M&E Thursday Talk from Thursday, December 12, when Scott Chaplowe, Director of EME (Climate) at the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, led a discussion on the Top 10 Tips for Organizational M&E Capacity Development.”

Scott examined 10 key considerations for planning and delivering effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacity development in organizations. Building these capacities involves improving the ability of people to solve problems, achieve objectives, and perform better over time. The more people engage with M&E, the more they will understand and take ownership of the M&E process, the data collected, and ultimately the recommendations it provides.

This webinar drew largely from the research conducted for the book, “Monitoring and Evaluation Training; A Systematic Approach,” and Scott’s experience working with a range of organizations.

Click here to download the full presentation.

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