More Communities

These are archived communities of pactice that are housed on the platform. DME for Peace has participated in all of these projects. Click below for more background information and resources.

Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation

This community of experts came together to help bridge the gap between academic research and peacebuilding practice. Explore their Online Field Guide, which provides foundational materials and tools to help with the design and implimentation of evaluations.

Developmental Evaluation

The purpose of this page is to promote resources connected to Developmental Evaluation and showcase best practices, tools, and templates for implementing a Developmental Evaluation.

Education for Peacebuilding M&E

This community of practice created an interactive space for sharing best and emerging practices on how to monitor and evaluate peacebuilding programs.

Breaking Barriers

In 2016, practicioners came together in Cape Town to use human-centered design principles to create solutions to barriers to participation and inclusion in evaluation.

Mentorship Program

This was an eight week mentorship program for professionals in the peacebuilding, development, and humanitarian fields. The PEACE Project connected new, emerging and aspiring practitioners and evaluators with experienced mentors.