Network for Peacebuilding Evaluation

Peacebuilding involves addressing multi-dimensional, highly adaptive, wicked problems that are characterized by complex relationships among different political, social, and environmental phenomena over a long period of time. However, most peacebuilding programs are incentivized to be finite, linear and have logical frameworks. This incongruence between the complex reality on the ground and the implementation of programs makes it difficult to measure and evaluate specific programs. The Network for Pecebuilding Evaluation (NPE) is a group of academics, analysts and researchers working collaboratively with practitioners to address these challenges and to develop innovative, cost-effective and applicable methodologies for better evaluation of peacebuilding programs.


NPE’s goal is to build upon the recent strides that have been made in the field of peacebuilding evaluation and strengthen the use of more innovative tools in order to tackle the challenges still facing the field.


  1. Increase the methodological rigor and sophistication of peacebuilding evaluation.
  2. Strengthen the connections between peacebuilding theory and practice through evaluation.
  3. Spark innovation in evaluation methodology and practice.

Current Activities

  1. Establishing a framework for a forum for research, discussion, and collaboration on peacebuilding and its design, monitoring, and evaluation.
  2. Researching best practices in evaluation from related fields and translate the theoretical and academic evaluation methods into forms accessible to practitioners.
  3. Engaging with other networks and individuals who are already conducting innovative research on or practice of peacebuilding evaluation for collaborative initiatives.
  4. Performing 2 meta-reviews of information posted on or related to the DM&E Learning Portal for Peace to help identify insights into effective peacebuilding practice.

Expected Results

  • Increase the access researchers have to resources and tools produced and utilized by evaluation practitioners.
  • Establish a pool of experts to serve on working groups for collaborative peacebuilding evaluation projects
  • Build a reputation for the NPE and PEC as an esteemed entity that provides academic and applied resources to the peacebuilding field.
  • Produce a Field Guide with best practices and tools for the peacebuilding field based on research from the NPE.
  • Publish 2 meta-review identifying insights into effective peacebuilding practice.


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