Evaluations of Innovative Community Engagement Approaches to Increase Immunisation Coverage in Gavi-eligivle countries



New 3ie grant: Evaluations of innovative community engagement approaches to increase  immunisation coverage in Gavi-eligible countries
The International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)requests proposals for formative evaluations and impact evaluations of programmes that have adopted innovative approaches to community engagement for increasing immunisation coverage in Gavi-eligible countries. Where an organisation is able to demonstrate the innovative aspect of a programme, 3ie can provide some financial support for the implementation of the programme along with its evaluation.
The evaluations are expected to generate new evidence about what works to engage communities in increasing immunisation coverage, test the feasibility and effectiveness of these approaches and inform their scale up.
Applicants please note:
  • 3ie anticipates awarding up to 10 grants that includes both formative and impact evaluation.
  • Grants for formative evaluations (and implementation) must be no longer than 9 to12 months, with a maximum budget of US$200,000.
  • Rapid impact evaluation (and implementation) grants are expected to be for 12 to18 months, with a maximum budget of US$250,000.
  • Full impact evaluation (and implementation) grants are expected to be for 18 to 36 months, with a maximum budget of US$600,000.
  • Limited support for implementation may be considered as part of the grant where a compelling case is made.
  • Priority will be given to evaluations based in South Asia (particularly India and Pakistan), East Africa and Nigeria.
  • Only legally registered organisations, and consortia of registered organisations, not individuals, may apply.
  • Evaluation teams should include nationals of the country in which the programme is being implemented.
  • Implementing agencies or research teams keen to submit a proposal but unable to find an implementing partner are encouraged to send requests for matching to 3ie. Deadline for requests: 10 May 2015.
  • Completed proposal form should be submitted through 3ie’s online grant management systemand not by any other means. Form will be activated from 30 May 2015.
Deadline for applications: 23:59 GMT, 10 July 2015. For queries, please email with ‘TW10 query’ in the subject line by 23:59 GMT, 20 May 2015.

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Amount: $200,000 to $600,000

Deadline: 07/10/2015