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Conflict 102 Training Package

The Conflict 102 Workshop is a practical and highly participatory training that introduces several concepts and tools that provide insights into conflict dynamics and provide the foundation for programming that is better targeted and conflict sensitive. The training uses a variety of techniques — including video, photo montage, and music — to set the stage […]

Conflict-Sensitive Approach to Infrastructure Development

Author: USIP Publication Date: January 2008 Description: In conflict-prone environments, traditional forms of economic analysis and program development are insufficient to aid an economy’s progress into a peaceful transition. The stated goals of traditional assistance are economic growth, efficiency, and competition. While these goals may be appropriate long-term economic objectives, they are not suitable for stabilizing […]

Conflict Sensitivity for Multi-Faith Religious Leaders in Mindanao
December 22, 2015

Author: The International Peace Research Association Foundation Publication Date: June 2009 Description: This project explores the applicability of conflict sensitivity, an organizational planning approach originating in the humanitarian aid sector, for improving the social impact of religious associations operating in multi-faith societies that are experiencing or at risk for destructive inter-group conflict. The project adopts a unique […]

Conflict Sensitivity Toolkit

Author: Trócaire Publication Date: 2011 Description: Trócaire is committed to integrating a Conflict Sensitive Approach across all of its Governance and Human Rights work. Whilst it is recognised that this will have more relevance and will necessitate more resources in some countries than others, each GHR programme must nevertheless be underpinned by some degree of conflict analysis. […]

Three Steps to Conflict Sensitive Education

Author: INEE Description: Brief guide on the three steps to conflict sensitive education: Understand the conflict context; Analyze the two-way interaction between the conflict context and the education programmes and policies; and act to minimize negative impacts and maximize positive impacts of education policies and programmes on conflict. To access the resource, please click here Three […]

Conflict-Sensitive Business Practice: Guidance for Extractive Industries

Author: International Alert Publication Date: March 2005 Description: This guide to conflict-sensitive business practice is directed towards the extractive industries, which often find themselves close to the frontline of conflict, which can suffer from violent conflict both directly and indirectly, and some of which have been among the first to respond to the idea that business […]

Youth Exclusion, Violence, Conflict and Fragile States
December 22, 2015

Author: Social Development Direct Publication Date: April 2009 Description: This report forms part of a portfolio of work on youth focused on two interconnected thematic areas: youth, jobs and growth and on youth exclusion, fragile states and conflict and complements work being conducted to develop a Youth Participation Guide for DFID staff. It is intended to inform […]

Gender, Conflict, and Peacebuilding
December 22, 2015

Author: US Institute of Peace (USIP) Publication Date: 2011 Description: This report is a result of an initiative to reflect on developments, contributions, and prospects in specific areas where USIP grantmaking has been concentrated. The Praxis Institute for Social Justice was commissioned to review the state of the field, identify lessons learned, and contemplate future directions […]

Mainstreaming Gender in Conflict Analysis: Issues and Recommendations
December 22, 2015

Author: World Bank Publication Date: February 2006 Description: This report was commissioned by the CPR Unit in an effort to improve the gender sensitivity of the Bank’s Conflict Analysis Framework (CAF). It raises a number of issues and offers specific recommendations on ways to adapt the existing conflict framework and its indicators to better reflect the fact that conflict affects women […]

Food Security and Conflict

Author: World Bank Publication Date: October 2010 Description: Lack of food has been the source of many past and recent conflicts. Food insecurity has clearly been a factor behind outbreaks of social unrest or worse, yet conflict also has induced notable instances of food insecurity. Conflict often involves competition over control of the factors of food production, primarily land and […]

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