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Responsible Development: A Note on Conflict Sensitivity from USAID’s Center for Conflict and Violence Prevention (CVP)

Author: USAID; Management Systems International (MSI) Publication Date: December 2020 Description: The purpose of this guide is to highlight how practitioners improve development outcomes using a conflict-sensitive approach. Even in times of peace, programs may achieve their intended objectives but inadvertently cause strife by benefiting one group over another or conferring goods or services in […]

Can We Build Peace from a Distance? The Impact of COVID-19 on the Peacebuilding Sector
December 22, 2020

Author: International Alert Publication Date: December 2020 Description: This background paper explores some of the ways in which the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has disrupted one of the foundation principles of peacebuilding practice: the basic need to bring people together face-to-face. It takes a step back to look at the overall impact on peacebuilding practice when […]

Webinar 33: Building Peace and Resilience at a Distance: Adaptive Approaches to COVID-19

Webinar Date and Time: Wednesday, December 16th. Click here to view the recording. Webinar Description: COVID-19 has forced adaptations in the ways of thinking and working for peacebuilders. The pandemic has exacerbated existing conflicts and spurred new ones. Humanitarian aid, ongoing peace processes and peacebuilding efforts have been severely affected. Given the severity of the […]

The Need for Good Governance and Peacebuilding in the Time of COVID-19. Lessons from Northeast Nigeria

Author: Mercy Corps Publication Date: September 2020 Summary: This report presents a close analysis of the ongoing crisis in Borno State, Northeast Nigeria and a set of broader lessons about why and how donors should invest in governance and conflict prevention programming as part of the COVID-19 response. To access this resource, please click here […]

COVID-19 and Conflict: Advancing Women’s Meaningful Participation in Ceasefires and Processes

Author: Peace and Security Team of UN Women in collaboration with DPPA’s Policy and Mediation Division Publication Date: 2020 Summary: This brief addresses the importance of women’s full, equal and meaningful participation to an effective pandemic response and to peacemaking efforts, and how the women, peace and security (WPS) agenda can provide a critical framework […]

From Bad to Worse? The Impact(s) of Covid-19 on Conflict Dynamics

Author: European Union, Institute for Security Studies (ISS) Publication Date: June 2020 Summary: This Brief analyses key emerging dynamics and repercussions in conflict-affected countries in general, and in five countries in particular: Colombia, Libya, Sudan, Ukraine and Yemen. The Brief is structured as follows: the main text analyses the emerging trends catalyzed by the pandemic […]

Peace and Conflict in a COVID-19 World

Author: Interpeace Publication Date: June 2020 Summary: This Brief summarizes Interpeace’s reflections on the peacebuilding implications of the COVID-19 crisis. It defines the outlines of the peacebuilding challenges and the implications for international actors and responders. The framing matters because our collective understanding of the kind of crisis we face will determine our responses both […]

Covid-19, Crises and Fragility

Author: OECD Publication Date: April 2020 Summary: Fragile contexts are beginning to be hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Most of these countries are insufficiently prepared to cope with the spread of the disease and its consequences across the multiple dimensions of fragility. The most vulnerable have difficulty in accessing hospitals and rely on poor public […]

Webinar 32: Monitoring, Evaluating, and Learning from Multisectoral Approaches to Build Resilience to Conflict and Violence

Webinar Date and Time: Friday, November 20. Click here to view the webinar recording. Click here to access the presentation. Webinar Description: USAID’s programming in complex environments takes a multisectoral approach to build resilience to shocks and stresses that emerge from conflict and violence. This webinar will explore USAID’s work in Ethiopia and the Sahel […]

Conflict Sensitive Aid (CSAid) Primer

Author: USAID Publication Date: September 2020 Description: The Conflict Sensitive Aid (CSAid) Primer offers an overview of the foundational concepts covered in the CSAid Training offered by USAID’s Center for Conflict and Violence Prevention (CVP). To access the resource, please click here “Conflict Sensitive Aid (CSAid) Primer.“

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