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Building Sustainable Peace and Democracy: OSCE Experiences in South-Eastern Europe

Author: Organization for security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

Publication Date: June 2018

Summary: This reference guide was developed by the OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre to serve as a source of inspiration, including for its field operations working to build sustainable peace in other regions of the OSCE area. It is designed to provide insight into the organization’s peacebuilding experiences in South-Eastern Europe for OSCE officials, policymakers, practitioners, and civil society.

The reference guide provides an overview of past and present activities in South-Eastern Europe in various thematic fields and across all three dimensions of security. It looks at the particular contextual environment in which the activities took place, describes the challenges that had to be addressed, and highlights the initiatives that contributed to conflict prevention and sustainable peace in the region. This context-specific approach allows for the practices and lessons identified to be adapted to different settings, taking the specific characteristics and needs of host 11 Introduction societies into account. Accordingly, the reference guide provides insight into OSCE activities with regard to institution building, community security, education, electoral reform, reconciliation, diversity, and people-to-people contacts. The reference guide also contributes to strengthening the OSCE’s institutional memory and enhancing the organization’s capacity for building peace in a sustainable and holistic manner.

To access this resource, please click here: “Building Sustainable Peace and Democracy: OSCE Experience in South-Eastern Europe

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