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Conflict-Sensitive Business – Review of Instruments and Guidelines

Author: Swisspeace
Publication Date: 2013

Description: This report will present an overview on instruments that can guide companies in their efforts to act in conflict prone environments and assess in how far they take conflict sensitivity into account. It shall (1) serve as a first introduction and overview to these guidelines (origin, stakeholders, content), (2) assess these guidelines along specific categories (market scope, verification, grievance mechanism, conflict sensitivity, strengths and limits) and finally (3) draw some general lessons from the map-ping and give recommendations how the instruments/guidelines could be advanced for conflict-affected and fragile situations. The instruments are selected on the basis of their relevance to guide businesses in conflict prone areas. The relevance is generally the result of one or several of the following three factors: the degree to which the instrument provides for company guidance conflict prone contexts, the inclusion of multiple stakeholders that foster their implementation or the degree to which it is referenced by companies, civil society organizations and governments. The analysis is based on the study of the guide-lines themselves, further information made available by the organizations that have developed or host the instruments, as well as secondary literature on their functioning and effectiveness

To access the resource, please click here Conflict-Sensitive Business – Review of Instruments and Guidelines.

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