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Do No Harm Workshop: Trainer and Participant Manuals

Author: CDA Collaborative Learning Projects
Publication Date: 2016

Description: This manual is intended for DNH Trainers of all levels. It is meant to help trainers begin the process of working with workshop hosts and participants to tailor the content, type and style of the workshop. This manual provides all the content for a DNH workshop of any duration. DNH Workshops range in length from a brief introduction (30 minutes to 3 hours), to multi-day field trainings that give participants experience applying the tools to their own programs. The length and agenda of the workshop should be determined in collaboration with the hosting agency, and the module content provided here can be truncated or expanded depending on available time, skill level of the training audience, and the ultimate goals of the workshop itself.

To access the resources, please click here “Do No Harm Workshop: Trainer’s Manual” and “Do No Harm Workshop: Participant’s Manual.”

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