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Humanitarian Response in Violent Conflict: A Toolbox of Conflict Sensitive Indicators

Author: CRS
Publication Date: 2013

Description: Emergency preparedness and response require rapid programming combined with quick, almost reflexive decision-making, which can present numerous challenges to integration efforts at each stage of the project cycle. For example, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is challenging because it must be adapted to the pace and context of humanitarian response work. The 2012 SIP centered on developing practical tools to facilitate integrating conflict sensitivity into the full humanitarian response project cycle. One of the SIP outcomes was a commitment to design clear indicators for conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding in humanitarian response programs. This guidance tool adapts a sample of 15 SPHERE core and sector-specific indicators to be more conflict sensitive yet practical and user-friendly. Indicators were chosen from each of the six core and four sector-specific standards to demonstrate the full range in which conflict sensitivity can and should be applied in humanitarian response.

To access the resource, please click here Humanitarian Response in Violent Conflict: A Toolbox of Conflict Sensitive Indicators.

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