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Local Peacebuilding: What Works and Why

Author: Alliance for Peace (AfP) 

Publication Date: July 2019

Summary: This report, a joint collaboration between Peace Direct and the Alliance for Peacebuilding, aims to address one of the questions we often hear from policymakers and donors around the effectiveness of local peacebuilding efforts. If concerns about the effectiveness of local efforts are one of the reasons for the lack of investment by governments and multilateral institutions, we hope that our analysis of over 70 evaluations collected from a diverse range of organizations and contexts across the world will help strengthen the case for support. The examples in this report and the accompanying website not only speak of remarkable heroism; they demonstrate tangible impacts on the ground in places where violence is often dismissed as endemic. From reducing violent conflict in Sudan and eastern DR Congo to protecting villages from an attack in Colombia, these stories highlight what is possible, even in places where national-level peace processes have stalled.

To access this resource, please click here: “Local Peacebuilding: What works and Why

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