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February 13, 2016 at 7:53 am EST

I am Tim Michael Adepoju from Nigeria.
I am the Executive Director of Triade Peace Foundation – Triade organization was borne out of the desire to spread the culture of entrenched peaceful coexistence amongs Nigerian youths (especially the students).

I am a graduate of Electrical Engineering but now a converted social and Humanitarian Ambassador.
The passion to take up service to humanity was rekindled on the 20th of February, 2006 when my mother, brother and sister were killed during a religious crisis in Northern part of Nigeria..

Hence, the birth of TRIADE ( Trio Adepojus’ murdered) organization existed to promote Love, Forgiveness and Tolerance irrespective of Religion, Beliefs, Tribe, Culture and Ethnicity.

I have taken numerous online programs on Conflict Resolution, peace promotion and currently providing psycho-Social support to the Internally Displaced Persons – IDPs, Promoting Peace using the school students as gate-keepers to the larger society and as well using Audio and Video Documentaries to walk victims through my experience to learn to show Love and Forgiveness as I have demonstrated during and aftermath of the crisis.

I am interested in Peace work and activities and also believes “Peace Is Possible In Nigeria”

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