Matthew M Fred


Executive Director


Youth Against Tribalism In Africa


Matthew M. Fred, is an independent news Writer, Journalist and a Global Rights Activist, passionately reporting and covering stories​ ​and​ ​happenings​ ​from​ ​southwestern Liberia. In 2012, co-founded the Bassa Times Newspaper where he served as News Editorial manager for a long time. In a similar period, he also served as Agency Boss for the Bong Times Newspaper, Insight Daily Newspaper, and the New Republic Daily Newspaper.

Matthew also serve as founder and Executive Director of the Youth Against Tribalism In Africa (YATIA), a registered nonprofit peacebuilding organization working with youth and communities to fight ethnic and religious discrimination, human rights violations, and fostering peaceful co-existence, democracy, transparency, education and economic growth and vitalization by instituting educational related programs in Liberia and the African Continent.

With much passion for building peace and resolving conflict, Matthew is committed to building peace through Technology, Community arts, and Participatory research. This, he thinks will enable his institution enforce its advocacy, awareness and mentorship against ethnic and religious discrimination, human rights and conflict related issues which he believes is economically, socially, religiously, physically and emotionally restraining Africa’s Economic Growth and Development.
As part of his professional career, he obtained certificates in peacebuilding and conflict resolution, Advanced Diploma in Computer Science, among other professionally related trainings both online and offline..

In his profession as an independent human rights Journalist, Matthew has contributed news stories to Frontpage Africa Online, New Democrat, Daily Observer among other​ ​local​ ​news​ ​outlets. Matthew had been practicing broadcast journalism since 2002 until in 2010 when he obtained separate Advanced Certificates in human rights reporting from the Journalists for Human Rights, Canada, where he created the passion to writing for a cause.
Matthew also studied Civic Leadership and Public Policy at University of Virginia and the College of William and Mary in Virginia, United States, obtained a Certificate from the Ashesi University in Digital Strategy in Civic Engagement, Accra Ghana. He is 2014 Mandela Washington Fellow, and currently writes for Williette SafeHouse , Medium , News Columnist at Modern Ghana. and serve as Project Manager for the Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Association in Liberia.