Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

We are a global community of practitioners, donors and academics who aim to improve conflict sensitive programming by collecting and building knowledge on a diverse set of materials, experiences, and reflections.

A focus on the “how”

We have come to a point where most practitioners, academics, and donors agree that relief, development, and peacebuilding programs should be conflict sensitive. The challenge now is to understand how we can be conflict sensitive across dozens of sectoral programs in hundreds of different contexts.

What do we believe? (Theory of Change)

If the global community of practitioners, donors, and academics work together to collect and build knowledge on materials and experiences related to conflict sensitive programming, then the capacity of practitioners to work on conflict sensitive programming will improve, because the community can better identify and understand the opportunities and gaps that exist.

What do we want to learn?

We would like to know what training resources, frameworks, toolkits, guides, research, and literature you are using to learn about, apply and improve conflict sensitive programming. We want to learn from your experiences and strengthen the learning-doing link.

What’s the plan?

We see strengthening the learning-doing link to improve conflict sensitive programming as a two-step plan. It begins by identifying the resources, tools, concepts, research and literature we are using to train staff and partners about conflict sensitive development. Once these resources have been identified by the community, we will focus on understanding how they’re applied in the field, how they aren’t, and how we could improve their application.