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Religion and Development Post-2015
December 28, 2015

Author: UNFPA
Publication Date: May 2014

Description: The consultation titled “Religion and Development Post-2015: Challenges, Opportunities and Policy Guidance” was hosted by UNFPA in its capacity as Convenor of the UNIATF- FBO and co-sponsored by George Mason University, City University London and Digni, a religious umbrella organization from Norway. The roundtable event took place on 12-13 May 2014 in New York. The nexus of religion and development concerns both faith-based organizations (FBOs) as well as so-called secular ones. It is critical to recognize the diversity within religious organizations and actors and not seek to essentialise, over-simplify or categorize. This is especially the case because religion embodies layers of ambiguities, potentials and risks – whether as ritual, institution, nongovernmental organization, leader or service provider.

To access the resource, please click here Religion and Development Post-2015

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