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Risk-informed Development. From Crisis to Resilience

Authors: ODI; UNDP; Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC)
Publication Date: May 2019

Description: This report aims to articulate why being risk-informed is essential for national policy and decision-makers responsible for crafting development objectives and delivering global frameworks, including Agenda 2030, the Paris Agreement, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, the Sendai Framework, the Grand Bargain and the New Urban Agenda (Habitat III).

Of particular relevance to international aid agencies, humanitarian organisations and NGOs, this report highlights the immediate need to assist developing countries to consider risks associated with multiple and diverse threats that are occurring simultaneously, such as cyber fragility, conflict, severe environmental degradation and financial instability, when formulating and implementing national and sub-national development strategies.

This rapidly changing context also highlights the need to acknowledge, assess and address the social, environmental, economic and political trade-offs inherent in development decisions and plans, and when designing development programming to ensure that development gains are protected as much as possible from complex risks, and avoid creating new ones.

To access this resource, please click here “Risk-informed Development. From Crisis to Resilience.

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