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Borrowing a Wheel: Applying Existing Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation Strategies to Emerging Programming Approaches to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism
November 29, 2018

Author: CDA Collabortive Learning Projects, Peacebuilding Evaluation Consortium Publication Date: March 2017 Summary: This paper explores key methodological challenges associated with the design, monitoring and evaluation of preventing and countering violent extremism programming, and discusses the applicability of solutions from the fields of peacebuilding and development. The paper draws on the latest developments in the field, […]

Monitoring and Evaluating Conflict Sensitivity
January 27, 2017

Author: CARE & CDA Publication Date: March 2013 Description: This document gives practical guidance on how to monitor and evaluate the interaction between an intervention and conflict. It includes a discussion of the methodological questions that arise when embarking on a process to monitor and evaluate for unintended interactions with conflict, as well as a range of practical […]

Webinar 8: CDA’s Do No Harm Approach to Conflict Sensitivity
January 25, 2017

Webinar Date and Time: February 8, 2016 at 10:00am EST. You can watch the webinar here. Webinar Summary: Do No Harm (DNH), developed by CDA, is one of several conflict sensitivity application tools. The DNH approach helps practitioners think about how assistance can be provided in ways that empower local actors to identify solutions to the conflict […]

Reshaping Engagement: Perspectives on Conflict Sensitivity in Rakhine State

Author: CDA Publication Date: May 2016 Description: This report is intended to serve as a platform: first to build common understanding across stakeholder groups on the current conflict sensitivity issues shaping Rakhine state, and second to provide a basis for joint action, where possible, to address the issues identified. The information presented is a consolidation […]

Conflict Analysis Framework: Field Guidelines and Procedures
December 23, 2015

Author: CDA Publication Date: May 2012 Description: This document represents a framework and associated practical guidelines for conflict analysis that various organizations, including GPPAC regions, can adapt, revise and localize to fit their respective conflict contexts and organizational needs. A previous draft was tested in the field—and we expect that this draft that will be further tested and refined. To […]

A Distinction with a Difference: Conflict Sensitivity and Peacebuilding
October 22, 2015

Author: CDA Publication Date: October 2009 Description: This article examines the damage done by this conceptual confusion, and proposes some ways to distinguish peacebuilding and conflict sensitivity that, evidence suggests, may lead to more effective peacebuilding and conflict sensitive practice. To access the resource, please click here A Distinction with a Difference: Conflict Sensitivity and Peacebuilding

Practical Approaches to Theories of Change in Conflict, Security & Justice Programmes, Part I: What They are, Different Types, How to Develop and Use Them

Author: DFID; CDA Publication Date: March 2013 Description: The goal of this document is to improve the effectiveness of DFID programmes and the measurement of their impacts by providing DFID Advisers with the practical skills to develop high quality theories of change, to understand the role they play in programme design and assessment. It is […]

Do No Harm and Risk: Guidance Note
October 22, 2015

Author: CDA Description: This paper defines what is risk, identifies key issues about risk and DNH, identifies false assumpltions about DNH and risk, applies DNH to risk analysis and mitigation, and identifies key questions. To access the resource, please click here Do No Harm and Risk: Guidance Note

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