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Webinar 15: Trauma-Informed Conflict Transformation

Webinar Date and Time: December 20, 2017 at 1:00 EST. Click here to view the webinar recording. Webinar Description: Trauma, and the effects of trauma, have been largely overlooked when addressing long-term conflict. There is increasing evidence that trauma-informed approaches result in greater social, economic and political stability. Angi Yoder-Maina and Belkys López from the […]

Conflict Sensitivity: Meta-Trends Analysis

Authors: CDA Collaborative Learning Projects, World Vision International Publication Date: 2017 Description: This paper attempts to address three key questions. 1. What general trends in conflict dynamics can be identified in the contexts in which World Vision works? 2. What general patterns can be identified in how World Vision programs interact with conflict contexts? From WV […]

Embracing the Practice of Conflict Sensitive Approaches: An Analysis of the Kenyan Context
December 28, 2015

Author: Conflict Sensitivity Consortium; DFID Publication Date: 2010 Description: The objective of this study was to develop an overview of the context and current conflict trends, analyse the key stakeholders, map out conflict related risks and conflict sensitive opportunities, with a view to outlining a number of options for the overall direction of Consortium work […]

Conflict-Sensitive Approaches to Development, Humanitarian Assistance and Peacebuilding Resource Pack

Authors: APFO; CECORE; CHA; FEWER; International Alert; Saferworld Publication Date: January 2004 Description: Over the last decade there has been a growing realization that humanitarian assistance sometimes feeds conflict rather than alleviates it, and that development aid sometimes exacerbates tensions. This has led to the development of tools to understand the relationship between programming and conflict. […]

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