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Webinar 18 – Targeting Beneficiaries in Conflict Environments: Guidelines for Somalia’s Food Security Cluster

Webinar Date & Time: Wednesday, April 25 at 10 EST. Click here to view the webinar recording.

Webinar Description: Kevin Mackey, from World Vision is seconded to the Food Security Cluster Somalia. Recently, the Food Security Cluster reviewed the targeting practice of its membership. Mr. Mackey provided insights drawn from that experience and highlighted the work of the resilience consortium, BRiCs and World Vision Somalia, to better understand the socio-political context to improve targeting and promote structures which sustain peace.

Speaker Bio:

Kevin Mackey has been with World Vision Somalia for ten years, holding a wide range of roles- including Humanitarian Emergency Response Manger, Operations Director and and Program Development Director. Presently, Mr. Mackey is seconded to the Somalia Food Security Cluster as a Sr. Advisor. In 2017, the Somalia Food Security Cluster membership launched a timely, large-scale response to address mounting food insecurity. In late 2017, Somalia Food Security Cluster began a process of reflection with its membership to gauge the effectiveness of current targeting practice, specifically looking at the existing processes and how they addresses some of the security and protection risk associated with targeting in complex environments. Mr. Mackey has been spearheading this process and the development of context-sensitive community based targeting guidelines.

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