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The Complexity of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: Insights from Mogadishu and South Central Somalia

Author: CISP (International Committee for the Development of
Peoples) and International Alert
Publication Date: 2015

Description: This report aims to expand research on some of the main issues and concerns regarding sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in Somalia, to better understand the linkages between SGBV and conflict there, to try to understand why Somalia in its current period of relative peace still has extraordinarily high levels of SGBV, and to advocate for a multi-faceted approach to combatting SGBV through capacity-building, support to service provision, awareness activities, research, and advocacy. The report concludes that there are wide differences between and among Somali communities and international standards on their understanding and perceptions of SGBV, which is partly explained by the fact that the problem of SGBV is located at the intersection of statutory, customary, and Sharia law. The contradictions and lack of harmonization between the country’s three legal systems make it difficult not only to have a common understanding of SGBV issues, but also to address them properly. Furthermore, the research found that there is a wide range of forms of SGBV in Somalia, that SGBV in Somalia is closely linked to the history of violence experienced by the country over the past 30 years, and that SGBV is found not only in a social context but also in the context of political and economic conflict. Finally, the report concludes that the normalization of SGBV is reinforced by a lack of access to justice for survivors. 

To access the resource, please click here The Complexity of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: Insights from Mogadishu and South Central Somalia.

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