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The Development Response To Drug Trafficking In Africa: A Programming Guide
December 22, 2015

Author: USAID
Publication Date: April 2013

Description: Drug trafficking poses a growing problem in Africa. Increasing flows of illicit drugs threaten good governance, peace and security, economic growth and public health. Failure to address this threat risks undermining the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)’s investments and thwarting U.S. Government objectives on the continent.In recognition of the issue, USAID’s Africa Bureau initiated research in 2011 on the development causes and consequences of drug trafficking and potential programmatic responses. The resulting programming guide aims to help USAID, other development actors, and other U.S. Government personnel understand the relationship between drug trafficking and development assistance and seek ways to mitigate any negative impacts.

To access the resource, please click here The Development Response to Drug Trafficking in Africa: A Programming Guide

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