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The Handbook of Conflict Prevention

Author: Igarape Institute
Publication Date: November 2018

Summary: This handbook seeks to build more clarity to conflict prevention concepts and practice. Based on extensive consultation and with support from Global Affairs (Canada), it offers a working definition and a typology of innovative preventive approaches. In setting out a standard nomenclature, the goal is to help improve knowledge sharing across Africa in particular. At the same time, the handbook is intended to provide policymakers and practitioners with insights and ideas for prioritizing, designing, implementing and evaluating conflict prevention. More specifically, the Handbook is designed to

  • a) give policymakers and practitioners in multilateral organizations, bilateral development and cooperation agencies, and stakeholders at the national and subnational level an improved understanding of the key conceptual dimensions of conflict prevention;
  • b) provide a succinct typology of the principle conflict prevention practices;
  • c) set out ways that gender can be operationalized in conflict prevention;
  • d) offer concrete examples of innovative practice. 

To access this resource, please click here: “The Handbook of Conflict Prevention

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