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Camp Management Toolkit 2015

Author: European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO), International Organization for Migration (IOM), Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Publication Date: June 2015 Description:The Camp Management Toolkit has been designed to highlight Camp Management Agencies’ roles and responsibilities for each aspect of camp life. It contains a large amount […]

Humanitarian Assistance in Conflict and Complex Emergencies

Author: World Food Programme (WFP) Publication Date: June 2009 Description: The World Food Programme (WFP) convened a two-day conference on Humanitarian Assistance in Conflict and Complex Emergencies in June 2009, inviting United Nations officials, academics, thinkers and practitioners to join senior staff and country directors and consider how WFP can meet the needs of vulnerable communities in the shifting humanitarian […]

Conflict Diagnostic Considerations for Food for Peace

Author: USAID Publication Date: September 21, 2016 Description: This document first outlines for the Office of Food for Peace (FFP) the key areas where conflict sensitivity is particularly challenging and provides recommended diagnostic questions that can assist FFP and its implementers to avoid or mitigate these challenges throughout the program cycle. The following section then provides […]

Conflict Sensitivity in Food Security Programming

Authors: USAID Publication Date: March 2016 Description: The key lesson of conflict sensitivity is that organizations and their activities will become a part of the context in which they are operating; they will have an impact on the relationships among people in those contexts. Food security projects— whether simple or complex—will affect the relationships among […]

Natural Resources and Conflict

Author: HELVETAS Publication Date: 2013 Description: The guidelines provide an overview of the factors and trends that can trigger or substantially exacerbate conflicts over natural resources. The tool explains that when this happens, local/ traditional mechanisms are no longer able to address or solve conflicts and mediate diverging interests.  It provides examples of typical natural […]

Food Security and Conflict

Author: World Bank Publication Date: October 2010 Description: Lack of food has been the source of many past and recent conflicts. Food insecurity has clearly been a factor behind outbreaks of social unrest or worse, yet conflict also has induced notable instances of food insecurity. Conflict often involves competition over control of the factors of food production, primarily land and […]

Harvesting Peace: Food Security, Conflict, and Cooperation
December 22, 2015

Author: Wilson Center Publication Date: 2013 Description: This report explores the complex linkages between conflict and food security, drawing insights from scholarly work to help inform more effective programming for practitioners. There is no doubt that conflict exacerbates food insecurity. Conflict can reduce the amount of food available, disrupt people’s access to food, limits families’ access to food preparation facilities and health care, […]

Food Security and Livelihoods Programming in Conflict: A Review
December 22, 2015

Author: Humanitarian Practice Network Publication Date: March 2009 Description: This Network Paper reviews food security and livelihoods programming in conflict. In recent years, emergency food security and livelihoods programming has made important advances as an alternative to food aid to address food insecurity and support livelihoods. Much of the literature on this subject relates to […]

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