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When Disasters and Conflicts Arise: Improving Links Between Disaster Resilience and Conflict Prevention

Author: Overseas Development Institute, Department for International Development (DFID) Publication Date: February 2013 Summary:This study assesses the evidence base for how natural disasters affect conflict, how conflict affects natural disasters, and how people living in complex environments are affected by multiple risks. We also consider what can be learned from current practices to improve conflict […]

Camp Management Toolkit 2015

Author: European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO), International Organization for Migration (IOM), Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Publication Date: June 2015 Description:The Camp Management Toolkit has been designed to highlight Camp Management Agencies’ roles and responsibilities for each aspect of camp life. It contains a large amount […]

Youth Global Programme for Sustainable Development & Peace: YOUTH-GPS | 2016-2020

Author: UNDP Publication Date: July 2016 Description: The Youth Global Programme for Sustainable Development and Peace (“Youth-GPS,” 2016-2020) is UNDP’s first global programmatic offer for youth empowerment for sustainable development and peace. The project aims to systematically foster youth empowerment where UNDP has a presence by significantly boosting the implementation of UNDP’s Youth Strategy 2014-2017 (itself aligned with UNDP’s […]

Toolkit for Integrating GBV Prevention and Response Into Economic Growth Projects

Author: USAID Publication Date: September 2014 Description: This toolkit provides practical guidance on how to address Gender-based Violence (GBV) in economic growth and trade projects across the program cycle by focusing on four overarching themes: 1) How and why economic growth projects can play a critical role in addressing GBV; 2) How GBV can affect and undermine […]

Conflict-Sensitive Business – Review of Instruments and Guidelines

Author: Swisspeace Publication Date: 2013 Description: This report will present an overview on instruments that can guide companies in their efforts to act in conflict prone environments and assess in how far they take conflict sensitivity into account. It shall (1) serve as a first introduction and overview to these guidelines (origin, stakeholders, content), (2) […]

Conflict-Sensitive Approach to Infrastructure Development

Author: USIP Publication Date: January 2008 Description: In conflict-prone environments, traditional forms of economic analysis and program development are insufficient to aid an economy’s progress into a peaceful transition. The stated goals of traditional assistance are economic growth, efficiency, and competition. While these goals may be appropriate long-term economic objectives, they are not suitable for stabilizing […]

Conflict-Sensitive Business Practice: Guidance for Extractive Industries

Author: International Alert Publication Date: March 2005 Description: This guide to conflict-sensitive business practice is directed towards the extractive industries, which often find themselves close to the frontline of conflict, which can suffer from violent conflict both directly and indirectly, and some of which have been among the first to respond to the idea that business […]

Guidance on Responsible Business in Conflict-Affected & High-Risk Areas: A Resource for Companies and Investors

Author: UN Global Compact Publication Date: 2010 Description: “Guidance on Responsible Business in Conflict-Affected and High-risk Areas: A Resource for Companies and Investors” aims to assist companies in implementing responsible business practices in conflict-affected and high-risk areas consistent with the Global Compact Ten Principles. It seeks to provide a common reference point for constructive dialogue between companies and investors on […]

Public Policy For Conflict-Sensitive Business

Author: UN Global Compact Publication Date: 2009 Description: The findings and conclusions presented in Enabling Economies of Peace, which was first published in April 2005, summarize several years of pioneering work in this area. They remain relevant today, as the scourge of conflict continues to ravage countries around the globe. But there have been important developments. A number of […]

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