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Drivers of Violent Extremism: Hypothesis and Literature Review
August 30, 2018

Author: Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Publication Date: October 2015 Summary: The purpose of this review is to offer a wide-ranging discussion of what causes violent extremism and how it develops and persists. Discussion of violent extremism is often fraught with assumptions and received wisdom that can potentially obscure underlying causes, with implications for government […]

Working in Conflict: A Faith based Toolkit for Islamic Relief
February 8, 2017

Author: Lucy V. Salek, Islamic Relief Worldwide Publication Date: 2014 Description: The toolkit has been designed to be a practical resource, drawing from expertise across the sector, but approaches each area of work from an Islamic perspective and offers suggestions to the reader on how they might approach programming in conflict-affected areas from that basis. […]

Religion and Development Post-2015
December 28, 2015

Author: UNFPA Publication Date: May 2014 Description: The consultation titled “Religion and Development Post-2015: Challenges, Opportunities and Policy Guidance” was hosted by UNFPA in its capacity as Convenor of the UNIATF- FBO and co-sponsored by George Mason University, City University London and Digni, a religious umbrella organization from Norway. The roundtable event took place on […]

Conflict Sensitivity for Multi-Faith Religious Leaders in Mindanao
December 22, 2015

Author: The International Peace Research Association Foundation Publication Date: June 2009 Description: This project explores the applicability of conflict sensitivity, an organizational planning approach originating in the humanitarian aid sector, for improving the social impact of religious associations operating in multi-faith societies that are experiencing or at risk for destructive inter-group conflict. The project adopts a unique […]

Religion, Conflict, and Peacebuilding
October 22, 2015

Author: USAID Publication Date: September 2009 Description: The aim of this Toolkit is to help lower the discomfort of USAID staff in making the analytical and programmatic connections between conflict, religion and peacebuilding. The Key Issues section provides additional arguments for why development practitioners should—and can—address religion more directly. Special attention is given to clarifying […]

Guide to the Drivers of Violent Extremism

Author: USAID Publication Date: February 2009 Description: This publication explores the drivers of violent extremism (VE), with special reference to the Muslim world in the past three decades. It identifies and discusses those variables and dynamics that repeatedly have been shown to underpin contemporary manifestations of VE in countries with predominantly Muslim populations. To access […]

Development Assistance and Counter-Extremism: A Guide to Programming

Author: USAID Publication Date: October 2009 Description: This document should be considered a “navigation chart” that draws attention to key questions and areas of inquiry that should inform Counter-extremism programming choices; it offers guidance on how to identify the most salient drivers; and it provides illustrative types of interventions to address those drivers. By capturing most of […]

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