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Towards Resilience: Advancing Collective Impact in Protracted Crises

Author: Mercy Corps
Publication Date: May 2020

Summary: To bring greater coherence to international responses and secure better outcomes for conflict-affected communities, this paper calls for resilience as the guiding framework for action in protracted crises. While resilience is not new in international development, it has been frequently misunderstood, and rarely has rhetoric matched practice, particularly in conflict contexts. A resilience agenda would clearly define and guide collective impact around strengthening sources of resilience that are proven to protect current and future well-being in crisis contexts, including those that can prevent and mitigate the effects of violence. Accountability to this agenda would further inform a coherent triple nexus strategy orienting collective action around three core practices that include: 1) rapid, real-time analysis of risk factors that drive and perpetuate fragility; 2) support to local systems and institutions to strengthen sources of resilience; and 3) short-term violence prevention paired with efforts to transform the structural drivers of conflict.

To access this resource, please click here “Towards Resilience: Advancing Collective Impact in Protracted Crises.

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