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World Bank Group: Strategy for Fragility, Conflict and Violence. 2020-2025

Author: World Bank Publication Date: 2020 Description: The objective of the FCV Strategy is to enhance the WBG’s effectiveness to support countries in addressing the drivers and impacts of FCV and strengthening their resilience, especially for the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. To this end, the strategy sets out a framework to support countries in […]

Building Stability Framework

Author: Department for International Development (DFID); International Alert Publication Date: January 2016 Summary: This framework provides evidence-based guidance about how UK aid can help build stability, to meet the commitments set out in the 2015 Strategic Defence & Security Review and the UK Aid Strategy. It describes how aid can best help communities, states, and […]

Conducting an Extremism or Terrorism Assessment: An Analytical Framework for Strategy and Program Development

Author: United States Agency for International Development, Management Systems International (MSI) Publication Date: June 2008 Summary: This document outlines a methodological framework for conducting an extremism or terrorism assessment. It may be used to evaluate, and program for, a situation in which there appears to be a significant risk of violent extremism. Alternatively, it may […]

The Development Response to Violent Extremism and Insurgency: Putting Principles into Practice
August 29, 2018

Author: United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Publication Date: September 2011 Summary: This policy on The Development Response to Violent Extremism and Insurgency is the first of its kind produced by USAID. Its purpose is to provide a policy framework that USAID can use to improve the effectiveness of its development tools in responding […]

Bringing the New York Declaration to Life – Applying the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF)
February 27, 2018

Author: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Publication Date: June 2017 Description: The New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants (New York Declaration), which was adopted unanimously by the United Nations General Assembly on 19 September 2016, is aimed at improving the way in which the international community responds to large movements of refugees […]

Youth Global Programme for Sustainable Development & Peace: YOUTH-GPS | 2016-2020

Author: UNDP Publication Date: July 2016 Description: The Youth Global Programme for Sustainable Development and Peace (“Youth-GPS,” 2016-2020) is UNDP’s first global programmatic offer for youth empowerment for sustainable development and peace. The project aims to systematically foster youth empowerment where UNDP has a presence by significantly boosting the implementation of UNDP’s Youth Strategy 2014-2017 (itself aligned with UNDP’s […]

Webinar 3 – USAID Conflict Assessment Framework (CAF) 2.0 – Application and Lessons Learned from the Field
April 29, 2016

Webinar Date and Time: May 18 at 3:30PM EST. Click here to view the recording. Webinar Summary: In September 2015, USAID’s Office of Conflict Management and Mitigation (CMM) conducted a rapid conflict assessment in Uganda to inform the development of a new USAID Mission strategy on the ground. Over a two week period, the assessment […]

Conflict Analysis Framework
December 28, 2015

Author: World Bank Publication Date: April 2005 Description: Working through CAF would help a team identify and analyze the key factors that impact conflict and their links with poverty, to determine how they best can be addressed through Bank assistance. A first step for a team is to ascertain whether or not a country should […]

Conflict Analysis Framework: Field Guidelines and Procedures
December 23, 2015

Author: CDA Publication Date: May 2012 Description: This document represents a framework and associated practical guidelines for conflict analysis that various organizations, including GPPAC regions, can adapt, revise and localize to fit their respective conflict contexts and organizational needs. A previous draft was tested in the field—and we expect that this draft that will be further tested and refined. To […]

Making Sense of Turbulent Contexts

Author: World Vision Publication Date: 2015 Description: A troubling participation gap exists within conflict analysis as currently practised. Understanding conflict is critical to aid planning, yet large-scope analyses are dominated all too often by external ‘experts’. Local voices and local knowledge, which are essential to understanding the true causes of conflict, are not adequately reflected […]

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