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Webinar 20 – Transforming Counter-Messaging: “Common Ground” Experiences in Addressing Violent Extremism
October 3, 2018

Webinar Date: Wednesday, October 17th. Click here to view the webinar recording.

Webinar Description: Search for Common Ground has largely parted ways with more traditional forms of counter-messaging. Search’s strategy for addressing violent extremism centers around the idea of transformation, and alternative messaging is developed in consultation through community dialogue in Yemen, participatory research in Kenya, and by engaging both government and citizens in Myanmar. Transforming (rather than countering) violent extremism is a programmatic response developed to address root causes at the heart of VE – perceptions of marginalization and alienation that fuel extremism. During this discussion, Adrienne Lemon, Director of the Institutional Team at SFCG, focused on how Search has developed alternative messaging that addresses the causes of radicalization, what that has meant for programming, and lessons learned.

Speaker Biography: Adrienne Lemon is the Director of the Institutional Team at Search for Common Ground, ensuring quality of program design, monitoring, evaluation and learning within the organization. A sociologist by training, her work in conflict analysis and evaluation supports teams to reflect and share lessons learned about the ways they impact violent conflict, shift norms and influence institutions. Adrienne’s doctoral research focused on post-conflict reconstruction and the influence of social networks on political participation of youth in Burundi.

Click here to download the webinar slides.

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