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Webinar 26: Transnational Organized Crime – Is it About Mafias or Markets?
May 28, 2019

Webinar Date and Time: Wednesday, June 12. Click here to view the webinar recording. (*Due to sensitivities, Riikka Puttonen’s presentation had to be removed)

Webinar Description: The webinar explored transnational organized crime from a global, United Nations perspective. Riikka Puttonen and Ted Leggett from the United Nations Office on Drugs (UNODC) discussed the United Nations Organized Crime Convention and provided an overview of how organized crime markets and illicit trafficking take shape, as well as their impacts on development.

Speaker Bios: 

Riikka Puttonen holds a PhD in law and is trained as a judge in her home country Finland. She joined UNODC in 1999, initially in South-East Asia, and has worked to counter various forms of organized crime, notably participation in an organized criminal group in general and trafficking in persons, smuggling of migrants – and more recently wildlife crime and falsified medical products.

Riikka currently works in the Organized Crime Branch of UNODC as the team leader on university level education on organized crime as well as legislative assistance and knowledge management on the Organized Crime Convention, managing the UNODC knowledge management portal called SHERLOC. She is the secretary of the Working Group of Government Experts on Technical Assistance to implement the Organized Crime Convention and the Protocols thereto.

Riikka lead the preparation of various UNODC publications such as the updated Legislative Guide on Implementation of the Organized Crime Convention, model laws against organized crime, trafficking in persons, smuggling of migrants, Guide on drafting legislation to combat wildlife crime and the Guide on Combating Falsified Medical Products Related Crime:  Good Legislative Practices. On behalf of UNODC, she also coordinated the drafting of numerous training tools to combat various forms of organized crime. She thoroughly enjoys delivering training. Her future interests include technical assistance to enhance the impact of the newly established review mechanism to the Organized Crime Convention.

Ted Leggett was trained in law enforcement in the US before spending nine years doing street research on crime in Africa, first at the School of Development Studies at the University of Natal and then at the Institute for Security Studies.  He joined UNODC in 2004 and has been responsible for over 24 major reports, including a series of regional crime threat assessments, the Globalization of Crime (2010) and the World Wildlife Crime Report (2016). He holds a JD from NYU Law School and a Master of Social Science from the University of Natal.

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