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Working in Conflict: A Faith based Toolkit for Islamic Relief
February 8, 2017

Author: Lucy V. Salek, Islamic Relief Worldwide
Publication Date: 2014

Description: The toolkit has been designed to be a practical resource, drawing from expertise across the sector, but approaches each area of work from an Islamic perspective and offers suggestions to the reader on how they might approach programming in conflict-affected areas from that basis.

The tools included should be considered as facilitating (not as an alternative to) context specific approaches. Readers are actively encouraged to re-design and amend tools and approaches to reflect the knowledge and experience of their beneficiaries. This includes a flexible conflict mapping methodology that was designed specifically to meet the needs of the staff at Islamic Relief offices worldwide.

The toolkit was designed for use by Islamic Relief staff, but also is for colleagues from other agencies who are working with Muslim communities towards building lasting peace. To this end it includes a separate ‘Introduction’ for readers who are less familiar with Islam and Muslim communities.

To access the resource, please click here “Working in Conflict: A Faith based Toolkit for Islamic Relief

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