3 ways our teams are challenging gender norms around the world

Mercy Corps

Created 03/10/2021



Although there have been major strides for women and girls over the last decades, many challenges remain. Girls’ global access to secondary education lags behind that of boys. Women are still sorely underrepresented in public life, representing only 25 percent of national parliamentarians and serving as heads of state or government in only 21 countries. Violence against women and girls also continues to be a global problem, with high costs to both survivors and their communities.

While it is impossible to pinpoint a single cause for those challenges, we know that harmful gender norms play an important role in leading to discrimination and perpetuating gender inequality.

To highlight the work that still needs to be done to further advance women’s and girls’ rights, our team members share three ways they are busting harmful gender norms in their communities and countries.

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