About Countries at the Crossroads (2012)

Jennifer Howell

Created 12/08/2018

Analysis, Evaluation Reports


Countries at the Crossroads, published from 2004 to 2012, was an annual analysis of government performance in 70 strategically important countries worldwide that are at a critical crossroads in determining their political future. The in-depth comparative assessments and quantitative ratings—examining government accountability, civil liberties, rule of law, and anti-corruption and transparency efforts—were intended to help international policymakers identify areas of progress, as well as to highlight areas of concern that could be addressed in diplomatic efforts and reform assistance.

The Crossroads project generated far-reaching interest during its nine-year run. Increased attention to the relationship between competent governance and respect for civil and political rights has meant that scholars and policymakers require sophisticated tools to help place the performance of various governments in perspective. Crossroads helped ground this analysis by providing indispensable quantitative assessment that allowed for comparison over time, as well as detailed narrative reports that provided real-world context.

A new edition of Crossroads was published each year, with half the set of countries analyzed in odd years and the other half in even years. Crossroads reports were written and evaluated by some of the most prominent independent experts available for each country.

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