Advancing the Use of Developmental Evaluation: A summary of key questions answered during a multiyear study of developmental evaluations implemented at USAID (2020)

Baylor, R., Fatehi Y. K., & Esper, H.

Created 07/20/2021



Since 2016, there have been three DEPA-MERL DE pilots. This report shares findings and lessons learned from across the experiences to facilitate learning from the implementation of DE in the USAID context. Findings shared in this report are based on an independent across-case analysis conducted by one of the DEPA-MERL consortium partner organizations: the William Davidson Institute (WDI) at the University of Michigan. The WDI team collected data to answer the following four research questions:

  • Research Question 1: How does DE capture, promote, and enable the utilization of emergent learnings in support of ongoing programming in a complex system, such as in the USAID context?
  • Research Question 2: What are the barriers and enablers to implementation of DE in the USAID context?
  • Research Question 3: What do key stakeholders consider to be the value (added or lost) of conducting a DE compared to a traditional evaluation approach?
  • Research Question 4: What are the key lessons learned from building and managing buy-in for the DE approach in the USAID context?

To answer these questions, a mixed-methods approach was used and included outcome harvesting, document reviews, semi-structured interviews with the Developmental Evaluators and DE stakeholders, and an electronic survey administered to stakeholders.

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