AI Explained: Non-Technical Guide for Policymakers

Branka Panic, Founder and CEO, AI for PEACE

Created 06/22/2020

How-to, Tools and Templates


We created the Policymakers Guide to AI with a human-centered approach and explained in an engaging way AI basics to an audience of policymakers and all interested individuals who don’t have expertise in this field. Our goal is to demystify what AI is, and demonstrate how it is already altering our lives and societies we live in.

The Guide offers explanations and additional resources, videos, articles, papers, and tutorials, to help policymakers prepare for the current and future AI developments and impacts. It serves as an open resource, welcoming all comments and suggestions to make it better and inviting, continuing dialogue in explaining AI and keeping up with its developments.

Click here to read the full guide and access more resources on our website. 

This resource is part of our ongoing initiative with Build Up -“Digital Adaptation & Technological Innovation in Peacebuilding.” Click here to learn more about the campaign.

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