Call for Proposals: PeaceCon 2019

Alliance for Peacebuilding & USIP

Created 05/06/2019



PeaceCon 2019: “Seizing the Moment for Peace in a Disrupted World” 

When: 2 – 4 October

Where: Washington, DC, USA

Proposals Due: 20 May

From Alliance for Peacebuilding:

“PeaceCon 2019 will feature the world’s most inspiring and experienced national and local peacebuilders. Together, we will work together to address the most pressing issues in the peacebuilding field and elevate our policy influence and innovative practices. Currently, 1.5 billion people live under the threat of violence in more than 50 global conflict zones. At a time when violent conflict has forcibly displaced a record 68.5 million people and cost the world an estimated $14.76 trillion annually, it is clear that the conference this year should be “Seizing the Moment for Peace in a Disrupted World.”

PeaceCon 2019 will emphasize advancing better frameworks for solutions, open dialogue, and practical approaches to addressing conflict dynamics. Each session will go beyond exploring the problem to outline better practices and deliver learning outcomes. Finally, if we believe our programs are important and that they are effective at reducing violence and building peace, then we need to prove impact.

We encourage peacebuilders from across the world to share their ideas for panels, workshops, or other creative sessions. We are seeking submissions for breakout sessions with diverse institutional affiliations and speaker backgrounds. The sessions will be designed to stimulate discussion and audience engagement.

For more information on proposal submission and guidelines, click here or download the attachment below. 

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