Combating Impunity: Transitional Justice and Anti-Corruption, Conclusions from Practioners’ Dialogues on Transitional Justice

Freedom House

Created 06/15/2018



This resource describes how and why transitional justice (TJ) agendas should include addressing corruption as a necessary step in fighting human rights violations. The resource includes reoccurring weaknesses of TJ agendas in combatting grand corruption, the media’s role in the transition, various anti-corruption tools, how to navigate secrecy laws and how to launch efforts strategically during transition periods. The resource integrates expert recommendations and illustrative examples throughout.

In October 2013, Freedom House and Transparency International convened a two-day dialogue in Berlin, Germany, that included some 20 human rights lawyers and activists, investigative journalists, anti-corruption and financial experts, economists, members of truth commissions (TCs), academics, and others to discuss transitional justice and anti-corruption tools used in pre and post-transition settings.


Combating Impunity

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