Conflict Scan: Inuka! Community-led Approaches to Violent Extremism Project, Kenya (December 2017)

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Created 11/06/2018

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“Conflict Scan: Inuka! Community-led Approaches to Violent Extremism Project, Kenya (December 2017)”

Since Kenyan forces intervened militarily in Somalia in October 2011, a toxic combination of push and pull factors has led to the emergence of a home grown, Kenyan Al-Shabaab insurgency that is feeding on historical religious and regional divides in the country. Violent attacks have occurred across Kenya, but with greater frequency in the primarily-Muslim coastal region, a part of Kenya that has experienced long-standing political exclusion and economic marginalization as well as active separatist movements. These attacks have devastated the local economy by causing the collapse of the tourism industry in the coastal counties, leaving a large population of idle and unemployed youth with little hope for a positive future.

Search for Common Ground (Search) and partners have embarked on the Inuka! Project, which seeks to build increased trust and collaboration between key community stakeholders to prevent radicalization and VE in coastal Kenya. Within the project design, the team is undertaking a series of Conflict Scans4 that provide insight into community conflicts and dynamics that can positively and negatively influence implementation and outcomes.

Utilized by Search teams around the world, the Conflict Scan uses a fast and lightweight methodology with the aim of monitoring and improving the use of Do No Harm principles and Conflict Sensitivity for Search and its partners: Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance (KMYA), Muslims for Human rights (MUHURI), Kiunga Youth.

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