Conflict Transformation in Zimbabwe

Peace Direct & Envision

Created 04/26/2018

Analysis, Evaluation


This learning summary highlights the main successes, challenges and lessons learnt from Envision Zimbabwe’s (EZ) Conflict Transformation Programme implemented together with Peace Direct in Hurungwe and Murewa Districts from 2008-2017 with funding from a large range of UK and US donors. Envision, a long-standing partner of Peace Direct, aims to contribute to ending the pervasive and persistent culture of violence in Zimbabwe by creating a community-wide mechanism to identify and respond to conflict, improve social cohesion and build peace.

Since 2008, Envision has worked to tackle the culture of violence in Hurungwe and Murewa, building on existing community structures for a locally-led and participatory approach to conflict transformation. The main aims of the project are to train traditional and community leaders in conflict resolution, leadership and gender equality, to empower communities to resolve political differences through non-violent means through Peace Committees and Peace Festivals, to train the Zimbabwe Regional Police to use peaceful techniques to resolve conflict, and to increase the economic resilience of women and address inequality and gender based violence.

This summary is based on the findings of an independent comparative evaluation completed in 2017, which sought to identify changes in the communities where Envision works since the project started in 2008. By comparing findings from communities where Envision has worked to findings from communities where Envision has not worked, the evaluation sought to understand what distinctive contribution to peace Envision’s work has made in the target areas.

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