Early Warning / Early Response Mechanisms in Northern Nigeria

Horacio R. Trujillo, Search for Common Ground Nigeria

Created 09/02/2021



This Search for Common Ground report presents the summative findings of the quasi-experimental evaluation of SFCG’s project to strengthen mechanisms for Early Warning and Early Response in the Nigerian states of Adamawa and Borno.

The project encompassed a number of SFCG initiatives to convene and train community leaders to engage in dialogue processes at the local and state levels (Community Security Architecture Dialogues (CSADs) and Peace Architecture Dialogues (PADs), respectively) in order to promote increased collaboration among community members, civil society organizations and government agencies and improved capacity of and greater confidence in governmental and nongovernmental security structures in insecure areas.

 The aspiration of the project was to allow these communities to benefit from early warning of and early response to potential violence in order to effectively mitigate these threats. 

The goal and objectives of the project are as follow: Goal Expanded and strengthened early warning and early response processes that enhance community and state actors’ ability to protect citizens in Borno and Adamawa States. 

Objectives 1: A reinforced and expanded community-based early warning and early response system; 2: Strengthened engagement between state and local actors to secure communities; and 3: Strengthened capacity of partners to support and monitor early warning systems.

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