Effective Inter-religious Action in Peacebuilding: Guide for Program Evaluation

CDA Collaborative Learning Projects

Created 04/25/2017

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This three-year initiative seeks to improve the evaluation practices of inter-religious peacebuilding programs by addressing three specific gaps in inter-religious peacebuilding efforts: measurement, cooperation, and policy. The goals of the EIAP are two-fold: 1) to generate guidance on how to evaluate inter-religious action, and 2) to develop a framework for ongoing learning regarding what constitutes effective inter-religious action. Before beginning to draft this Guide, the EIAP team engaged in comparison of documents and evaluation reports on inter-religious action programs and completed a thorough review of the relevant literature. The EIAP has also benefitted from active participation from a global Advisory Group composed of people deeply involved in inter-religious action work, including Amineh Hoti, Dishani Jayaweera, Myla Leguro, Richard Ndi Tanto, Sarah Bernstein, Shamsia Ramadhan, Somboon Chungprampree, Sumaye Hamza, Susan Hayward and Rick Love.

CDA and the entire EIAP team would like to acknowledge the generous support of the GHR Foundation, as well as the generosity of the individuals and agencies involved in donating their time, experience and insights for the development of this Guide. This version of the Guide is a draft developed for use in a pilot training program and for field testing of the evaluation guidance as applied to inter-religious programs.

While this Guide may be cited, it remains a draft and should be cited as such. It will be revised for publication in mid-2017. To provide feedback and suggestions before 30 April 2017, or to request to be notified when the Guide is finalized, please contact Michelle Garred via

Suggested Citation: Woodrow, Peter, Michelle Garred, and Diana Chigas. “Effective Inter-Religious Action: Guide for Program Evaluation (draft for pilot phase).” CDA Collaborative Learning Projects and Alliance for Peacebuilding, October 2016. © 2016 CDA Collaborative Learning Projects. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributionShareAlike License (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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