Evaluation of Talking Drum Studio- Sierra Leone

Amr Abdalla, Ph.D. Susan Shepler, M.A. Suleiman Hussein, M.A., Search for Common Ground

Created 07/17/2002



An external evaluation by Amr Abdalla, Susan Shepler and Suleiman Hussein was conducted in March, 2002. Though each radio programming strand has a different format, each of them have the same goal: to encourage peace and reconciliation. Key findings include:

  • There was a tremendous increase in listenership from about 40% in 2000 to almost 90% in 2002
  • Many interviewees emphasized TDS-SL’s wide reach to all regions of the country. This was regarded as a pioneering effort, especially as TDS-SL has taken the risk of reaching out to people in rebel controlled areas
  • The ethnic and lingual diversity of the TDS-SL staff facilitates their sending their messages effectively to various groups of people
  • The success of TDS-SL in working with children has been recognized by all. The Golden Kids program has had a great positive influence on so many children, and adults as well. This was also coupled with successes in addressing trauma healing issues among the younger generations

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