Field Survey: Burundian Radio Listening Habits, Reactions to Radio Ijambo Programs, and Crisis-Related Listener Needs

Edward L. Palmer, Ph.D. Amr Abdalla, LL.B., M.A., for Search for Common Ground

Created 07/17/1999

Analysis, Evaluation


This survey was undertaken with two principal goals; first, to build indigenous survey capacity that could provide audience information at all stages, from the time of up-front situation mapping and program planning to follow-up evaluation and secondly, to gather information on the general patterns of radio listening, plus specific data on listener reactions to Studio Ijambo programs.

The study reported here, due to applying the CGP Rapid Survey Method, required only two weeks’ time to plan and field, which included conceptualization of the survey method, designing a survey questionnaire, establishment of respondent categories and sample-size quotas within each category, training of a 10-member Burundian survey team, and collection of complete questionnaire returns on a sample of 400 Burundians, complete with quality checks on the returned questionnaires. The survey was conducted in four locations: Bujumbura, the capitol of Burundi; Gatomba, a Hutu displaced village about ten miles west of Bujumbura; Bubanza, a rural town about 30 miles north of Bujumbura; and Gitega, a town about 50 miles east of Bujumbura. The selection of the four locations was intended to provide a diverse representation of the sample, including rural and urban listeners, and Hutus and Tutsis.

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