Final Evaluation: Bolstering Judicial and Social Accountability Processes in Central African Republic

Alicia Charles, Search for Common Ground

Created 03/11/2019

Evaluation Reports


The second phase of the project “Bolstering Judicial and Social Accountability processes in the Central African Republic (CAR)” was implemented in Boda and Bangui, from February 19th, 2017 to August 31st 2018, by Search for Common Ground (Search) and the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI).

The goal of the project was to support rule of law and peacebuilding in CAR through judicial and social accountability. Its objectives were to 1) increase citizens’ access to the formal justice sector; 2) improve the formal justice sector’s capacity to meet the needs of citizens; and 3) support citizen and civil society engagement in dispute resolution processes across religious and community identity lines. The project was implemented in Bangui and Boda.

The objective of this evaluation is to assess the relevance, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the project, in order to highlight recommendations for the future. To achieve this objective, a mixed methodology was used, allowing on the one hand a qualitative analysis through 15 Key Individual Interviews (KII) and 4 Focus Group Discussions (FGD), and on the other hand a quantitative analysis through a survey with 362 households.

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