Final Evaluation: Bottom-Up Approach to Countering Violent Extremism in Tunisia (August 2017)

Artur Bala, Independent Consultant

Created 11/06/2018

Evaluation Reports


The Bottom-Up Approach to Countering Violent Extremism in Tunisia was funded by the US Department of State and the Canadian Foreign Affairs.

This program aimed to increase the ability of vulnerable communities to prevent and counter violent extremism in Tunisia by helping members of the Tunisian society approach conflicts and differences in a constructive manner, through cooperation and dialogue. The project addressed violent extremism at the local level in order to increase the engagement of stakeholders and produce knowledge of the factors that drive Tunisians to support violent extremist propaganda or groups. The project then sought to transform that knowledge into concrete community-based activities, to strengthen the capacity of stakeholders in preventing violent extremism. The report is based on qualitative information collected through focus group discussions and interviews with 10 partner NGOs in 6 communities.

The report indicates that the project has succeeded in increasing the engagement of diverse stakeholders and strengthening the capacities of local partner NGOs to ignite dialogue initiatives within their communities and deliver activities around countering violent extremism. The participants noted that the program contributed to raising communities’ awareness on the drivers of violent extremism. The program has promoted local research and information-sharing on the drivers of violent extremism in order to enhance community relationships with local authorities and security forces, promote alternative narratives, and strengthen ties at the community level to advance youth and women’s roles in building resilient communities and effectively countering and preventing extremist recruitment.

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