Final Evaluation: Conflict management and prevention in Tanganyika and Haut Katanga provinces (2016 – 2018)

Florence Ferrari, Search for Common Ground

Created 11/13/2018

Evaluation Reports


The project aims to create conditions that favour non-violent cohabitation and peaceful dialogue between communities in conflict in Tanganyika and Haut-Katanga provinces. Some of the main conflict-related issues are: lack of government authority, unequal access to natural resources and land-related tensions. Conflicts are often shaped along ethnic lines (such as the division between the Bantous and the Twas), which are demonstrated through political exclusion and social discrimination.

Search for Common Ground (Search) employs a variety of approaches to tackle the identified conflicts, including improving the understanding of the conflict dynamics in the project zones, strengthening local community structures that work on conflict resolution, organising activities that bring the communities together and ensuring access to reliable information through media.

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