Final evaluation – Countering the Resource Curse (Phase II): Promoting good governance and human rights in the extractive sector in Madagascar

Search for Common Ground, Madagascar

Created 08/15/2019

Evaluation Reports


Search has implemented a project in contribution to “Countering the Resource Curse (Phase II): Promoting good governance and human rights in the extractive sector in Madagascar” with the financial support of the British government through Foreign Commonwealth Office – October 2018 to March 2019.

The project responded to the need to foster a more human rights based, participatory and inclusive governance process for the management of natural resources in Madagascar, and thus contribute to stable economic growth and sustainable development. The project will focus on two mining-affected regions, Anosy and Alaotra Mangoro, where SFCG has engaged mining companies (QMM and Ambatovy) and communities to contribute to peaceful conflict management on mining-related issues,with access to reliable and transparent information on relevant international standards and principles, local communities will be empowered to interact with security forces, mining companies, local authorities and civil society organisations.

The attitude of those trained on the common ground approach was a key factor in the effectiveness of the dialogues. As a result, 92% of local actors say that they are committed to dialogue across borders (companies, communities, governments and security forces) in order to find peaceful solutions to the community’s problems. Collaboration between extractive companies, private security forces and civil society representatives has been more fruitful, while with other actors it remains intermittent. The quality of collaboration guarantees the involvement and commitment of stakeholders in the implementation of action plans. Also, 72% of the project participants feel confident in working with other stakeholders to address human rights and natural resource management issues.

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