Final Evaluation – #JashStan: Youth as Agents of Peace and Stability in Kyrgyzstan

David Levy, Kairatbek Jamankulov, & Tologon Sartbay

Created 08/14/2019

Evaluation Reports


his is the final external evaluation report of the Project “Jashtan – Youth as Agents of Peace and Stability in Kyrgyzstan. The project was funded by UN Peacebuilding Find (UNPBF) and was implemented during April 2017 until January 2019.

Kyrgyzstan is experiencing the challenges of radicalization of its society over the last few years and youth, especially from hard to reach areas and marginalized communities, have been the involving themselves radical groups. Realizing this challenge and youth’s vulnerability, the project supports young women and men from marginalized backgrounds in becoming local promoters of the UN UNSCR 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security. It recognizes that young people have the power to positively transform violent conflicts if there are correct mechanisms in place that can enable youth to participate meaningfully in peace-building processes and devise resolutions. The project aimed to reduce community-based conflicts and radicalization by engaging young people from highly conflict-prone communities, and putting them in leadership positions to become catalysts for peace in Kyrgyzstan.

The evaluation found that 85% of the surveyed participants reported of increased knowledge and skills in peacebuilding and conflict resolution. 40% participants said that the project enabled them to participate in other similar youth-led projects. Furthermore, they recounted increased engagement in local decision-making processes. Similarly, 45% of surveyed participants reported that they observed decline in conflicts and/or violent acts in target areas and a decline in frequency of the conflict with the involvement of youth.

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