Final Evaluation: Phase IV of Lobi Mokolo Ya Sika

External Consultants, Search for Common Ground

Created 03/11/2019

Evaluation Reports


The fourth phase of ‘Lobi Mokolo ya Sika’ was implemented by Search for Common Ground, with the support of the United Kingdom (UK)’s Department for International Development (DfID), over the period 2014 – 2017.

The overall objective of this fourth phase of LMYS has been to “Strengthen mutual trust and confidence between civilians and security forces.”

This document is the result of the final evaluation of the fourth phase of the LMYS program, commissioned by Search for Common Ground, conducted by a team of external consultants. The evaluation had four key objectives:

  • Evaluate the project’s impact in the targeted intervention zones;
  • Determine if the intervention’s methods, assumptions and risks are true and adaptable to the context in the intervention zones and other potential zones;
  • Understand if and to what extent the targeted groups have benefited from the intervention;
  • Understand to what extent the program has been integrated into local, provincial and national structures.

Click on the attachment below to access the full evaluation. For a broad overview, click here to explore our data visualization of the project.

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