Final Evaluation: Women’s Caravan for Peace (March 2017)

Nadia Lamhaidi, Search for Common Ground

Created 11/06/2018

Evaluation Reports


From September 2016-December 2017, Search for Common Ground (Search)-Morocco, in partnership with the Rabita Mohammadia of Ulemas (Rabita), implemented “Women’s Caravan for Peace.

This program sought to create spaces for women-led dialogue among key social stakeholders and community members in marginalized neighborhoods in northern Morocco, with a focus on tolerance, diversity of thought, morality, violence, and women’s rights. These dialogues sought to promote the collaborative development of an alternative narrative to that propagated by violent extremist organizations.

This report indicates that as a result of the project, the workshops held on civic and economic participation of youth reached 137 young people in Tangier, Tetouan, Al Hoceima, and Nador. These workshops sought to increase youths’ self-esteem by increasing their capacity to address public and private community institutions in order to contribute to social change and 89% of participants reported increased awareness of civic participation as a result of the workshops. In addition to other community interventions, 20 youth were trained in film and multimedia techniques and produced six short films that touched upon the emotional themes and stories related to violent extremism in Moroccan communities. Ultimately, 150 community members were reached through film projections in the four target cities.

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