Four Lessons for Cease-fires in the Age of COVID

Amanda Long; Tyler Beckelman

Created 11/13/2020



The pandemic has reinforced key insights on achieving humanitarian cease-fires and brought new challenges to the fore.

During his opening remarks at the 75th U.N. General Assembly, Secretary-General António Guterres renewed his appeal for a global humanitarian cease-fire, urging the international community to achieve one in the next 100 days. But in the roughly 180 days since his initial appeal, most conflict parties have not heeded the secretary-general’s plea. What can peacebuilders do to advance the secretary-general’s call? Four key lessons have emerged over the last six months on how cease-fires can be achieved—or stalled—by COVID-19.

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Four Lessons for Cease-fires in the Age of COVID
Decontamination campaign for public places in the Bamako district in support of the response to Covid-19 in Mali. Deployment of significant resources for a joint operation between MINUSMA, the Directorate General of Health and Civil Protection in the Grand MarchŽ of Bamako and surroundings.

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